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IBCWG 2018 Abstract deadline has passed

We have received a large number of abstracts in recent days. Thank you for all your contributions. Its going to be a very interesting meeting!

The abstract deadline has passed, so we are not accepting any more abstracts at this time. Looking forward to seeing you all in Dublin!


IBCWG 2018 Registration open

Please click HERE for the registration page

IBCWG 2016 conference update

Colleagues, we are excited for the upcoming IBCWG April 27-29th in Columbus, Ohio! Key highlights and about the conference are listed below.

-Keynote lecture by Professor Miguel Valvano entitled “Burkholderia cenocepacia: the juggling act of surviving”.

-Next generation sequencing workshop with Dr. Peter White, recent winner of the 2015 international CLARITY Undiagnosed Challenge using novel Churchill technology

-Group Dinner at Z Cucina

-Group historical tour of Columbus

-Current oral presentations from the labs of Amer, Bosch, Brinkman, Coenye, Cooper, Eberl, Goldberg, Kopp, Mahenthiralingam, Partida-Sanchez, Priebe, Ramirez, Riccardi, Ryan, and Yoder-Himes. Presentations are a blend of trainees and PIs, along with established and new Bc investigators.

Registration open for IBCWG 2016

Registration is now open for IBCWG 2016 hosted by Amal Amer (chair) and Ben Kopp (co-chair) at Ohio State University in Columbus,OH.

The registration fee is $200 (USD) and includes breakfast, lunch, tour, and the group dinner.   On the registration site you can indicate if you will attend the group dinner (http://www.zcucina.com/) as well as the group tour through the Columbus Historical Society.

Registration site

Abstract  Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to March 21st. Please email your abstracts directly to Tom Coene.

2016 abstract template (MS Word doc)


Hotel Information and Special Rate

The meeting will take place in the Blackwell Hotel close to the OSU campus and football stadium. The organizers have obtained a special rate of $138 USD per room per night that is available via the following URL and code.

Follow this link and enter the following group code in the form: CHID0416

IBCWG 2016 Hotel Registration

The 20th Annual International Burkholderia cepacia Working Group (IBCWG) Conference will be held April 27th to April 30th 2016 at The Ohio State University, Columbus.
The meeting will take place in the Blackwell Hotel close to the OSU campus and football stadium. We have obtained a special rate for $138 USD per room per night.
This is the link and the code for booking your hotel room.

Link to hotel registration

code: CHID0416