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20th IBCWG in Columbus, OH (2016)

The 20th Annual International Burkholderia cepacia Working Group (IBCWG) Conference was held April 27th to April 30th 2016 at The Ohio State University, Columbus.
The meeting took place at the Blackwell Hotel close to the OSU campus and football stadium. Register  with code CHID0416 to obtain the meeting special rate.

Conference highlights:

Keynote lecture by Professor Miguel Valvano entitled “Burkholderia cenocepacia: the juggling act of surviving”.

-Next generation sequencing workshop with Dr. Peter White, recent winner of the 2015 international CLARITY Undiagnosed Challenge using novel Churchill technology

-Group historical tour of Columbus

Amal Amer (chair) Amal.Amer@osumc.edu

Ben Kopp (co-chair) Benjamin.Kopp@nationwidechildrens.org

FINAL Program IBCWG with abstracts